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I/We hereby authorize Vivid Tax (Vivid BizSolution Pty. Ltd) RTA 25536776 and or its representatives by submission ofthis form to act as necessary in relation to the following:

1. Communicate with any governmentdepartment (including the holding and quoting of my Centrelink CustomerReference Number) in relation to any query, benefits received, etc.

2. Communicate with any financial institution in relation to any query,investments held, interest earned, dividends received, and distributionsreceived, etc.

3. To file Business and Personal IncomeTax Returns, file ABN, TFN & GST applications and other tax and BASregistrations or elections or notifications, file BAS Returns, prepare andlodge Income Tax PAYG Variations.

4.To communicate with the Australian Taxation Office (including the holding andquoting of my Tax File Number or Australian Business Number) in relation to anyquery, assessment, audit matter, etc, and

5. To act for any company entity of yours including being appointed as yourcompany's ASIC agent.